[Get] ************.com – Auto FB share Zennoposter 4 MP Template auto fb share zennoposter mp template

Ive not been using ************.com so much lately so I thought i would share this simple Zennoposter MP template I made for it.
The template will then earn Tokens by sharing each link on the page and then reloading when it runs out.

You need to edit the template to enter in a facebook login and your ************ login.
Its not much more to add multiple accounts support to this so its multi-threaded. Just two CSV files and take a line from each to the variables instead


virus total (not sure if needed for an this filetype):

Also maybe of interest to anyone wanting to know a way of clicking every type of link on a page (eg a forum member list) or better still change the click action to a get href action and put the urls to a list. I add that as ive had a 2 peeps ask about it on PM recently due to another thread.

margin:0px auto” src=”http://i50.tinypic.com/rtezar.jpg” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” />

Edit: Forgot to say the template is set to use MonkeyEnter for captch solving. Change this to your online decaptcha service you use as the delay this will cause seems to be enough to avoid triggering the share limit on facebook. Or atleast it is with deathbycaptcha anyway! Its easy to trigger this limit ************.com – Auto FB share Zennoposter MP Template when entering the captchas manually.


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