[GET] Download needed website from web.archive.org for FREE download needed website

Greetings, dear BHW-friends. Everybody is trying to help each other, it’s a normal attitude inside our “family-hive”. So, let’s rock

Note: Every member can ask for 1 website downloaded from WebArchive for him.

What you need to do:

  1. Go to the http://web.archive.org and search for the targeted website.
  2. Check the date of a “save” you want to own. Grab a timestamp (f.ex. – 20170110013422).
  3. Make a decision – either to start from this date or to this date.
  4. Send a PM to me with the URL requested, and from(or to) timestamp chosen.
  5. Grab your pack of html files restored from the archive. Enjoy!

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