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Howdie, Fellows!


IMC Manager for short…
This is the first software of its kind, specially designed for internet marketers and small business owners like yourself to provide comprehensive tools and unparalleled capabilities in a format that’s incredibly easy to set up, use, and make a central part of your ongoing business success.
Whether you are brand new to using contact management software or have been trying to cobble something together for a long time, there’s finally a complete software package available to help you transform your business and make it the resounding success you’ve always dreamed about!
Now, when I first thought about building IMC Manager I thought it was something I’d never be able to afford to actually make work to help grow my business. Every other software like it was too fancy, too complicated, too expensive, and just not right for a small business like mine.

The possibilities are practically endless, all you have to do is be creative and capture all the little details you think might be helpful each time you are in contact with any of your customers or affiliates, because chances are someday you will find a good use for that information.
Capturing useful details and information is incredibly easy. Ask lots of questions, take note of interesting tidbits on their Facebook page or Twitter page, and jot down anything unique they mention about themselves when you’re just talking and interacting.
If your customer, mentions little Johnny is staring in his school play new seek, write it down! Then the next time you talk or interact via your support desk or email 3 months later, ask.. “Hey how was Johnny’s play” Thing that will impress your customer and show them that you actually care about them?
What about birthdays, how impressed would your customers be if you remembered to email them a note or send a small gift on their birthday or anniversary?



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