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“Triple Your Open Rates, Quadruple Your Clicks and Skyrocket Your Sales From All Your Email Promotions – Using Pre-Tested Headline Templates – Ninja Mental Triggers and Voodoo Graphical Tricks – And Build Your Lists By 1000’s Per Week”
Dear Friend,

Email alone has made me rich. That’s a fact!

What about you? If you’re like a lot of other frustrated marketers…

* Your list is tiny and not growing…
* Your emails have low open rates, and…
* Your click-throughs and sales from email promotions are dismal
(and getting worse every day).

Am I close?

It’s OK, it’s not your fault. My whole email marketing system used to suck out loud. Then, due to a chance meeting with a GIANT email marketer I’ll call “The Godfather”, all that changed…overnight.

In this short little meeting, I learned what the giants in the email marketing industry do that 99% of ordinary marketers don’t. And much to my surprise it wasn’t one big thing…it was a lot of little “tricks” (13 to be exact)…some of them so small that you probably wouldn’t notice them if they appeared DAILY in your own inbox.

HINT: The fact that you’re reading this webpage right now proves that at least two (2) of the “sneaky little tricks” I learned work on YOU. Stick around and I’ll tell you which two I used to get you here… )

There’s a good chance what I’m about to tell you may be the complete opposite of what other “experts” have been telling you. And there’s a good chance that I may even get a few nasty looks…but so be it. In the end…

“Email is About Measuring Results
And The Numbers Never Lie!”

Even if your the World’s biggest skeptic, YOU can’t argue with facts and the numbers. Here is what you can easily do if you implement just a few of my “13 Sneaky Little Email Tricks”:

1. Bag 2X, 3X and 4X the number of opt-ins you’re currently collecting without a major overhaul of your site
2. Explode your email OPEN RATE with companies subject lines that GRAB readers
by the throat and make them click OPEN
3. BOOST your click-through rate by using mental triggers to
persuading readers to tack action and click on your links

4. frame readers into buyers so they spend money with you when they
click through your mails – skyrocketing our sales

And what do you get after completing those four steps?

Complete those 4 steps and you can watch your inbox fill with orders every time you click “send.”

Would you believe that mastering those 4 actions above helped me create the hyper-responsive list that led to my 8 figure business? Check it out…
“Who Else Wants My $11,000,000.00
Email Marketing Secret”

Yes, it’s true. My current 8-figure business started out as a small measly email list.

It was called “Web’s Worth Watching” and I simply sent my subscribers cool links that I found from around the ‘net.

This list WAS my business in the beginning and it taught me to make money simply by sending out emails. An easy task ANYONE can do with amazing profit potential.


You can make money by emailing affiliate promotions to your list.

You can make money by creating products and promoting them to your list.

And you can make money be selling advertising to your list.

By the time I graduated college I could see that my small hyper-responsive email list was providing a better income than 99% of the jobs available to me.

Even though ANYONE could have built a comparable list, it was the start of a multi-million dollar business!

AND a whole lotta fun. Like this story…
The Amazing Story Of The
“Magically Appearing Golf Clubs”

I LOVE the lifestyle that email marketing helps me lead.

It gives me a lot of freedom. And for me, that means a LOT of GOLF. But since most people are stuck with a 9-5 job instead of an email list, finding a partner to play 18 holes with during the day can be a challenge.

The only friend I had with a flexible schedule had a different excuse. No golf clubs. And after hearing him tell me that for the umpteenth time I finally decided to do something about it…

…I offered to BUY him a set of golf clubs. And he flat out refused!

He actually said he didn’t want to take my “hard earned money”.

I can understand that, but I thought he might think differently once he saw how “hard” I was working for those golf clubs.

You see, anytime I need to buy something I just send an email to my list with some sort of promotion… and the money comes in.

So with my friend watching I took a few minutes to write up a promotion and sent it to one of my lists. Within THIRTY MINUTES I had enough money to buy my friend a $2,000 set of golf clubs.

He got a free set of clubs, I won the argument and we were out on the course within the hour…all because I had a list that allowed me to create MONEY ON DEMAND.

“My Hyper-Responsive Email List Paid
For $2,000 Golf Clubs In 30 Minutes”

After seeing what a hyper-responsive email list can do (and how easy my life had become), my friend was ready to accept my gift and hit the golf course with me.
Just imagine if YOU could ask for money to buy any luxury item at any notice.

A hyper-responsive list (like all the gurus have) is the easiest way to do it. But you can’t simply throw up a website, ask for an email address and then send blatant ads.

There are right and wrong ways to go about building an email list and profiting from it. And unfortunately some of the WRONG ways are STILL being taught as truth.

I have done extensive tests to dispel the myths about email marketing and ONLY teach WHAT WORKS NOW.
“How I Turned My List of 300 In To 30,000”

It doesn’t matter what your list size now, your growth rate will explode with these advanced techniques.

We’ve tested so many different styles for squeeze pages I honestly can’t even get close to remembering them all. But that’s OK. All I need to remember are the WINNING results.

I now create squeeze pages that convert better than 70% of visitors to subscribers. And it all came from this testing. When you use our proven test results to create your squeeze pages, you’ll get an instant increase in new opt-ins.
“Achieve 50% Open Rates Instead of 5%”

Many people never achieve hyper-responsive lists because they don’t know how to engage their readers.

It all starts with getting your emails OPENED. I’ve tested thousands of different subject lines and I KNOW what gets emails read.

We’ll show you techniques, including our proven subject lines, that can improve your open rate from a measly 2-5% to upwards of 45-50%…

…INCLUDING our most controversial tip.

Truth is, you’ll have a larger more responsive list if you stop listening to what worked 5 years ago… and focus on What’s New, What’s Fresh And What’s Working Right NOW.

Our test results can prove it.

Claim Your Copy of 13 Sneaky Little Email Marketing Tricks by Clicking Here
“Hit Send and Make Money!”

Once you know how to get:

* More subscribers…
* More people to open up your emails, and finally…
* More people to TAKE ACTION and give you money…

…then finally you’ll get to see what it’s like to have a hyper-responsive list pay for your golf clubs in 30 minutes. Then you’ll know what it’s like to make money every time you hit “send.”

I used my list to buy a $2,000.00 set of golf clubs for my friend (among LOTS of other things)…

…what will your list buy you?
A new computer?
A new tennis racket? (Hey, not everyone’s into golf like me.) )
A cruise to the Caribbean?
Some stocks or precious metals?
Possibly remodel your home?
An HD TV to watch the Superbowl on?
Eliminate your credit card debt?

Maybe even a new car or boat, or just…
Open a savings account and start paying CASH for the things you really want

Once you have a list (and you know how to monetize that list) the sky’s the limit. In fact, one of my lists even helped me buy a new house for my mom!
“Give Me 90 Minutes And I’ll Hand You The
Proven Blueprint For Hyper-Responsive Email Lists”

So how can you get these 13 sneaky little email marketing tricks? Here’s the deal…

I sat down the other day with a marketing buddy of mine for over an hour and a half SPILLING our guts about these 13 email marketing techniques. It was all recorded along with a PowerPoint presentation complete with screenshots of ACTUAL WEBSITES from our profitable businesses.

You get instant access to the videos online. PLUS you can download the PowerPoint presentation. AND we made an extra special video explaining one INCREDIBLY valuable technique you can do with a popular autoresponder service… but even most of the TOP MARKETER’S aren’t doing it.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in our online videos…


4 simple ways to quickly design SQUEEZE PAGES that collect email addresses like honey collects flies.


This once popular squeeze page technique is outdated and may DESTROY your conversion rates. Are you using it?


3 Magic Words PROVEN to persuade more visitors to fill out and submit your email address form


How running out of time before a launch accidentally taught me a squeeze page technique that increased my email opt-ins by 50%.


Stupidly simple design tips that boost response by SUBTLY point the visitors’ attention to your opt-in form. (And we do mean subtle, you’ll probably miss it the first time through.


This multimedia tool boosts opt-in conversions more than plain audio AND live video! (And it’s super easy to set up. No equipment necessary!)


The new “pop-up” doesn’t pop-up at all… so your visitors are happy and you STILL explode your opt-in rate


How I doubled my opt-in rate by ditching live video. (Well, I didn’t ditch it, I just moved it behind the scenes. You’ll see inside)


A wicked smart place to ask for the visitor’s email address that will increase your sales by the boatload. 99% of marketers have NO CLUE you can do this.


An absolute GOLDMINE for finding email subject lines that are PROVEN to get attention and be opened


7 ways to write subject lines that GRAB readers by the THROAT


9 tested and proven subject lines you can BLATANTLY COPY for your mailing list


How to write subject lines that absolutely, 100% DEMAND ATTENTION like a car wreck… you simply can’t look away


The BEST TIME to send out broadcast emails for maximum response. (I had to thank Mike Filsaime for this)


A BIG MISTAKE we see many marketers making… this day is a GREAT day to send out offers.


The most PREDICTABLE way to achieve a HIGH RESPONSE RATE way to set up your autoresponder follow up sequence


A second chance method for getting your emails read if they ignored you the first time… WITHOUT annoying the subscribers who DID get the first message. (And it only takes 3 seconds)


What email promotions and classified ads have in common (and it’s not what you think)


The best place for links in an email for maximum clicks (there’s more than one spot, and you should use them all)


If you’re not taking advantage of this piece of valuable real estate in your email broadcasts, you’re CRAZY


What you should ALWAYS do to images within emails to explode your response rate


The brain-dead, common sense way to format links that MANY MARKETERS completely mess up


The TRUTH about text vs. HTML email (our response rates will surprise you)


WE JUST DISCOVERED THIS! The one SINGLE ELEMENT we add to our email broadcasts that is cranking in click-throughs faster than the speed of sound


People will want to BURN US AT THE STAKE for this one – that’s how contrarian it is. But DROPPING this staple of email marketing will increase your opt-in’s AND response… our massive test results GUARANTEE it

“If You’re Not Taking Advantage
Of These 13 Email Marketing Techniques –
You’re Leaving Money On The Table…
…It’s As Simple As That”

And we have the numbers to prove it.

If you’re not using these 13 email marketing techniques, then you’re getting a tiny FRACTION of the new subscribers you could be getting.

I personally guarantee your open rate COULD be higher if you implemented these 13 techniques. And you’ll see your response rate soar.

My businesses span several markets and these 13 email marketing techniques have proven gangbusters for each and everyone.

So that begs the question…just what is access to this level of information truly worth?

Well, the question of “worth” is really all about how much you’re currently earning online:

If you’re an ADVANCED marketer who manages several large lists, I guarantee you’ll appreciate my proven subject lines, powerful tips for boosting your opt-in rate that I’m almost sure you’ve never heard before, and my PERSONAL strategy for writing quick and potent email campaigns.

My guess is, if you’re an advanced marketer, you already know how valuable these proven techniques will be to your business.

If you’re an INTERMEDIATE marketer, this will change the way you do business forever. I’m sure you understand by now that “the money is in the list,” but there’s been a lot of information passed around about email lists that turns out to be false.

If you want to ryan deiss turbo-charge your email lists. Meaning more subscribers and a higher response. Then it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start implementing PROVEN techniques that will buy you the nicest set of golf clubs you can find (or whatever else you may desire).

If you’re BRAND-NEW and you don’t have your site up and running yet, then you’re among the luckiest of all.

You’ll NEVER have to absorb the email marketing tricks that “worked” 5 years ago but are stale now. Instead you can start fresh, building a hyper-responsive list that can quite literally become your million dollar business with time.

(But even if it just allowed you to quit your job, wouldn’t that be enough?)

So really, the question of “worth” varies depending on where you are in this business.

Either way, I think it would be safe to say that access to “13 Sneaky Little Email Marketing Tricks” is worth at least $500 to ANYONE who’s interested in making money online.

In fact, it would be a no-brainer at twice the price!

That’s why you may be surprised to learn that I’m giving access to the “13 Sneaky Little Email Marketing Tricks” for only $97.

That’s ridiculously cheap when you consider…

1) If you already have a list, this meager investment will pay for itself after you implement just ONE of the 13 “sneaky tricks” in just one email.

Seriously, you should be able to fire off just one email promotion within 15 or 20 minutes of access this training and the course will be PAID OFF! You can ask for a faster or higher ROI than that.

2) And if you don’t have a list yet, you’re about to get access to my tested and proven squeeze page templates that are GUARANTEED to get you opt-ins. And for crying out loud, if you can’t build a list within 5 – 7 days that makes you at least $97, then I WANT you to send this course back and get a refund. (But honestly, I don’t think for a minute that you’ll need to do that.) )

So there’s really no question about whether or not this course will make you money. The 13 tricks we’ve figured out just work too well, and the investment I’m requiring is so insanely low that’s it’s impossible NOT to make a positive return on your investment.

The only question that remains is, will you act fast enough to get your copy before they’re all gone? Because…


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